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Instructions on creating plan scans

Here is how you can help:

We need all of these items scanned this way to be able to make the plans and their related files looks as good as possible.  It also helps if you have a small ruler you can lay on the glass next to the decals, fins and other templates when you scan those.

Instruction sheet(s):

--- Set your scanning software at 300dpi.
--- Scan in Black & White bitmap (grayscale is unnecessary and takes up too much space).
--- If the scan appears too light or dark, most scanning software programs have the ability to adjust the the threshold between Black and White.
--- Save the image in compressed .tif format (File should be between 150 and 300k).  If the instruction sheets are in color and .tif files end up being huge, scan in color mode/300dpi and save as a .jpg at the highest quality setting.

Front Picture Panel (Header Card):

--- Set your scanning software at 75dpi and save in .jpg format.
--- Even though I post shrunk panels on my site, please send me a full-sized scan. I use this full-sized scan to make the cut-out rocket picture on top.


--- Set your scanning software at 300dpi and save in .jpg format.

Fin Patterns:

--- The easiest way to do these is to cut out the fins and place them spread out on the scan bed.
--- Set your scanning software at 200dpi and save in .jpg grayscale format.

Templates (centering rings, cockpits, fin marking guides, etc.):

--- A good way of scanning these is to cut them out or make photocopies and cut them out. Draw a thin black outline around all edges using a thin felt tip marker. Then scan them in B&W bitmap mode adjusting your B&W  threshold level on the scanner so that only the outlines are picked up. I used this method for the delta wedge templates.
--- Set your scanning software at 75dpi and save in compressed .tif format. 

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