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Rocket Kits from Flight Systems, Inc. (FSI)

Click on the model numbers below to get the plans for that particular kit.  The plan sets are now being distributed as PDF files only, although the decals and templates can still be downloaded individually.  Some plan sets also include a list of measurements for the parts used.

Get the parts you need to clone these classics directly from Semroc.

Type Patterns Decals
1004 Voyager Standard Yes Yes
1005 OSO Standard Yes Yes
1006 Orbit Standard Yes Yes
1010 Viking II Tube Fin Yes Yes
1012 Viking IV Tube Fin Yes Need
1020 Hercules Standard Yes Yes
1021 Hornet Standard Yes Yes
1022 Megatron Two-Stage Yes Yes
1023 Nike-Tomahawk Scale Yes Need
1024 WASP Scale Yes Yes
1024 Viking V Tube Fin Yes Yes
1025 Javelin Scale Yes Yes
1026 Competitor Competition Yes Yes
1027 Excalibur II Cluster Yes Yes
1028 Streak Standard Yes Yes
1029 Viking V Tube Fin Yes N/A
1030 Nike Smoke Scale Yes Yes
1031 Sandia Sandhawk Scale Yes Yes
1032 Intrepid Cluster Yes Yes
MRK-1 Penetrator Standard Yes N/A
MRK-II Star Gazer Two-Stage Yes Yes
MRK-III Nova Standard Yes Yes
MRK-V OSO Standard Yes Need
MRK-VI Orbit Standard Need Need
MRK-VII Sprint Competition Yes Yes
MRK-VIII Micro Standard Yes Yes
MRK-9 Viking 1 Tube Fin Need N/A
MRK-XI Viking III Tube Fin Yes N/A
MRK-14 Black Brant II Scale Yes Yes
MRK-15 Echo 1 Two-Stage Yes Yes
MRK-16 EOS Standard Yes N/A
MRK-XVII Dart Mach Buster Yes Yes
MRK-18 Maverick Standard Yes Need

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