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Rocket Kits from Estes Industries

Estes Industries

Click on the model numbers below to get the plans for that particular kit.  The plan sets are now being distributed as PDF files only, although the decals and templates can still be downloaded individually.  Some plan sets also include a list of measurements for the parts used.

Get the parts you need to clone these classics directly from Semroc.

Type Patterns Decals
(circa '63)
Streak Competition Yes N/A
K-17 Aerobee 300 Scale Yes N/A
K-22 V-2 Scale Yes N/A
K-23 Big Bertha Standard Need N/A
K-30 Little Joe II Scale Need Need
K-31 Star Blazer Exotic Yes N/A
K-34 Astron Nighthawk Boost Glider Yes N/A
K-45 Astron Beta
(Shorty Motor)
Two Stage Yes Yes
K-54 Astron Saros Scale-Like N/A Yes
K-57 Sky Dart Boost Glider Yes Yes
KC-4 Citation Starship Vega Exotic Yes Yes
KC-5 Citation Bomarc Scale Need Need
KL-3 (1103) Marauder Coldpower Convertible Coldpower Yes Yes
NCK-29 Apollo Capsule Capsule Need N/A
TK-31 Star Blazer Exotic Yes Yes
TK-44 Mini-Brute Birdie Exotic N/A N/A
0802 Quark Standard Yes Yes
0803 Bandito Standard N/A Yes
0804 Mini-Brute Hornet Standard Need Need
0810 Swift Standard Yes Yes
0816 Wolverine Scale-Like Yes Yes
0817 Aero-Hi Scale Yes Yes
0846 Eclipse Standard Yes Yes
0851 Cloud Hopper Exotic Yes Yes
0852 Galaxy Guppy Exotic Yes Yes
0853 Zoom Broom Exotic Yes Yes
0854 Missile Toe Exotic Yes Yes
0855 Sky Shriek Exotic Yes Yes
0860 Star Dart Standard Yes Yes
0863 Starliner Exotic Yes Yes
0864 Spartan Standard Yes Yes
0868 Big Yank Standard Yes Yes
0870 Pulsar Standard Yes Yes
0871 Vector Standard Yes Yes
0876 Micron Standard Yes Yes
0878 Scout III Standard Yes Yes
0882 Ninja Standard Yes Yes
0887 Leprechaun Standard N/A Need
0890 Jammin' Standard Yes Yes
0895 Solar Warrior Exotic Yes Yes
1111 Shark Coldpower Yes Yes
1203 Freaky Flyer Exotic N/A Yes
1223 Big Bertha Standard Yes N/A
1256 Alpha III Standard N/A Yes
1273 Fat Boy Standard Yes Yes
1275 U.S.S. Enterprise Exotic N/A Yes
1276 Antares Standard Yes Yes
1284 Space Shuttle Scale Yes Yes
1286 Scamp Standard Yes Yes
1291 Maxi Alpha Standard Yes Yes
1293 Black Brant III Scale Yes Yes
1294 Cobra-1500 Standard Yes Yes
1297 Solar Sailer Exotic Yes Yes
1299 T.I.E. Fighter Exotic N/A N/A
1311 Battlestar Galactica Laser Torpedo Exotic Yes Yes
1321 Maxi Alpha 3 Standard Yes Yes
1325 Gamma Standard Yes Yes
1327 AstroCam Camera Rocket N/A Yes
1328 Kadet Standard Yes Yes
1332 Sea Strike "D" Two Stage Yes Yes
1333 Scorpion Two Stage N/A Yes
1334 Skybolt Standard Yes Yes
1336 Boeing A.L.C.M. Cruise Missile Sport Scale Yes Yes
1337 NASA Space Shuttle Orbiter Sport Scale N/A Yes
1338 Space Transporter America Exotic Yes Yes
1341 World Federation Star Probe Exotic Yes Yes
1342 Starblazer-X20 Exotic Yes Yes
1344 Nomad Pseudo-Scale Yes Yes
1356 Astro Bee Standard Yes Yes
1358 F-61 Starfighter Exotic Yes Yes
1359 Orbital Interceptor Exotic Yes Yes
1362 The Bat Standard Yes Yes
1363 Rigel 3 Exotic Two Stage Yes Yes
1368 Comet Standard Yes Yes
1370 Meteor Standard Yes Yes
1374 Attack Craft Orion Exotic Yes Yes
1375 Scorpius Exotic Yes Yes
1376 NASA Pegasus Exotic Yes Yes
1377 Hercules Two Stage Yes Yes
1378 Firecat Scale-Like Yes Yes
1381 Yankee Standard Yes Yes
1385 Space Shuttle Columbia Sport Scale Yes Yes
1386 Asteroid Explorer Exotic Yes Yes
1387 Maxi Streak Standard Yes Yes
1388 Apache-2 Two Stage Need Yes
1389 Sandpiper Scale Yes Yes
1390 Aero Fin Standard Yes Yes
1392 Scout Ship Nova Exotic Yes Yes
1422 Magnum Two Stage Yes Yes
1423 Vagabond Starter Set Standard Yes Yes
1426 The Black Hole Space Probe Exotic Yes Yes
1429 Thunderbolt Standard Yes Yes
1438 Dune Model Rocketry Outfit Standard Yes Yes
1443 Space Program Membership Standard Yes Yes
1760 Loadstar 2-Stage Payload Yes Yes
1901 Sea Dart Scale Yes Yes
1902 Space Station Aquarius Exotic Yes Yes
1903 Maxi Alpha 3 Standard Yes Yes
1904 Maverick Standard Yes Yes
1905 Stinger Standard Yes Yes
1907 Cyclone Standard Yes Yes
1908 Scrambler: 2 Egg Lofter Yes Yes
1911 Courier Standard Yes Yes
1914 Galactic Taxi Exotic Yes Yes
1920 Starship Excalibur Exotic Yes Yes
1922 Marauder Standard Yes Yes
1923 Cougar Standard Yes Yes
1925 EXOCET MM38 Sport-Scale Yes Need
1929 Stealth Exotic Yes Yes
1930 Wasp Standard Yes Yes
1931 Delta Wedge Exotic Yes Yes
1936 Sunbird Standard Yes Yes
1937 Astro Standard Yes Yes
1938 Laser Standard Yes Yes
1939 Nebulon Warrior Exotic Yes Yes
1940 Marte MK 2 Sport-Scale Yes Yes
1941 Fox Fire Exotic Yes Yes
1945 Searcher Standard Yes Yes
1947 Flying Saucer Exotic N/A Need
1948 Big Bertha Standard Yes Yes
1949 Viking Standard Yes Yes
1950 Echo Standard Yes Yes
1951 Mighty Moe Standard Yes Yes
1952 Halley's Tail Standard Yes Yes
1953 Fireaero Standard Yes Yes
1954 Starbird Exotic Yes Yes
1956 Blazer Standard Yes Yes
1958 Black Brant II Scale Yes Yes
1960 Nova Payloader
(Early Version)
Standard Yes Yes
1970 Der V-3 Standard Yes Yes
1972 Bull Pup 12D Sport Scale Yes Yes
1973 Interceptor II Exotic Yes Yes
1978 Gemini Titan Sport Scale Need Yes
1979 Clipper Two Stage Yes Yes
1980 Longshot Standard Yes Yes
1981 D.A.R.T. Standard Yes Yes
1983 Arrow Standard Yes Yes
1986 Reliant Standard Yes Yes
1989 Liberty Standard N/A Yes
1992 Dasher Standard Need Yes
1993 Lancer Standard Yes Yes
1996 Eggspress Egg Lofter Yes Yes
1998 Mega Sizz' Standard Yes Yes
2003 SDI Satellite Exotic Yes Yes
2011 Super Nova Two Stage Yes Yes
2013 Recruiter Scale-Like Yes Yes
2016 Explorer Aquarius Exotic Yes Yes
2022 Warp II Two Stage Yes Yes
2024 ATA-31 Scale-Like Yes Yes
2025 Meteor Standard Yes Yes
2026 Athena Standard N/A Need
2027 Silver Streak Standard Yes Yes
2028 Cajun Standard Need Need
2029 Raven Standard Yes Yes
2030 Hornet Scale-Like Yes Yes
2034 Deep Space Transport Exotic Yes Yes
2037 National Aerospace Plane Exotic Yes Yes
2039 Space Racer Standard Yes Yes
2041 Menace Standard Yes Yes
2043 Photon Probe Exotic Yes Yes
2044 Solar Sailor II Exotic Yes Yes
2045 Dark Star Standard Yes Yes
2048 Saturn 1B Scale Need Need
2050 Super Neon Tube Fin Need Yes
2054 Beta Launch Vehicle Scale-Like Yes Yes
2055 BLU-97B Cluster Bomb Scale Yes Yes
2060 Bandit Standard Yes Yes
2061 Rampage Standard Need Need
2062 Dagger Standard Need Need
2065 Maxi-Force Cluster Yes Yes
2067 Delta Clipper Two Stage Yes Yes
2072 Scrambler Egg-Lofter Yes Yes
2075 A.R.V. Condor Boost Gliders Yes Yes
2076 Pegasus Standard N/A Need
2083 Terrier-Sandhawk Scale N/A Yes
2085 Jayhawk Scale Yes Yes
2086 Tomcat Glider Yes Yes
2091 Maniac Standard N/A Yes
2092 Mongoose Two Stage N/A Need
2094 The Shadow Standard Yes Yes
2105 HiJax Payload Yes Yes
2107 Fire Streak Standard Yes Yes
2111 Mercury Atlas Sport Scale Yes Yes
2115 SR-X (Project Aurora) Exotic Yes Yes
2116 Sweet Vee RC Boost Glider Need Need
2125 AIM-9 Sidewinder Scale Yes Yes
2127 Sizzler Standard Yes Yes
2129 Python Scale-Like Yes Yes
2133 AstroSat LSX Standard Yes Yes
2141 Silver Comet Exotic Yes Yes
2142 R2-D2 Exotic N/A Yes
2144 Darth Vader's TIE Fighter Exotic N/A Need
2151 Big Dawg Standard Yes Yes
2154 Wildfire Standard Yes Yes
2155 Super Nova Payloader Payload Need Yes
2156 Prowler Standard Yes Yes
2165 Super Big Bertha Standard Yes Yes
2170 Star Dart Standard Yes Yes
2173 Menace Scale-Like Yes Yes
2174 Polaris Standard Yes Yes
2185 Screamin' Mimi Exotic Yes Yes
2189 Rubicon Scale Yes Yes
4001 Screamin' Eagle Land Rocket N/A Yes

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