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Updated 11-09-11
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Welcome to Ye Olde Rocket Plans! Here you will find numerous plans for rocket kits that are no longer being manufactured as well as other non-kit plans and out-of-print rocketry publications. We specialize in archiving the plans for some of the lesser-known rocket companies. If you have a gem that has been sitting in your closet or basement for years, why not scan the plans and share it with others?

Please Contact Us if you have any plans or other types of rocketry literature you'd like to have posted for all to enjoy.

When you're ready to clone any of these kits you can get most of the parts needed from the following companies:

Balsa Machining Service - Balsa cones, transitions and body tubes.

Tango Papa Decals - No clone would be complete without the decals!

Sticker Shock 23 - Custom vinyl decals.

Visit JimZ's Rocket Plans Site for even more old rocket plans.
Visit Sven Knudon's Ninfinger Site for more old rocketry publications.

Ye Olde Rocket Plans is hosted by Ye Olde Rocket Shoppe.

Newest Plans & Publications

1961 CRC Catalog Supplement from Rick Kowalski  11-09-11
1962 CRC Catalog from Rick Kowalski  11-09-11
Estes Sandpiper #1389  04-22-11  Updated
Estes SARK #0861 Decal from Robert Athanasidy  04-22-11
Estes Citation Bomarc #KC-5 from Peter Mar  04-22-11
CMR Tachyon #C16 from Larry A. Broadbent  04-22-11
CMR Rapier #C5 from Larry A. Broadbent  04-22-11
CMR Hyper #C2 from Larry A. Broadbent  04-22-11
CMR Chameleon #C12 from Larry A. Broadbent  04-22-11
CMR 4-Fin Fin Jig from Larry A. Broadbent  04-22-11
Estes Rubicon #2189 from Kevin McQuown  04-22-11
Estes Sea Strike "D" #1332  04-22-11  Updated
Model Missiles, Inc. ARCON #002  04-20-11  Updated
Quest Screamin' Demon #1019 from Don Fent  04-20-11
Centuri Python Fighter #5358 from Don Altschwager  04-20-11
Centuri Stellar Photon-Probe #KD-16 from John Brohm  04-20-11
Centuri TIR-100 from David Stribling  04-16-11
Centuri Nike Smoke #KS-15  04-16-11  Updated
Enerjet AERO-DART #KE-2  04-16-11  Updated
Estes Thunderbolt #1429 from David Scigliano  04-16-11
Estes NCR Command Control Info from Dave Richardson  04-16-11
D-Region Tomahawk Scale Plans from Dave Fitch  04-16-11
Added Rocket Development Corporation Plans  04-16-11
RDC NOVA III from Dan Wolman  04-16-11
Quest Nike Smoke #1607 from Craig McGraw  04-16-11
Estes Bandito #0803 from Craig McGraw  04-16-11
Centuri Hobby Show Booth early '80's from Chris Timm  04-16-11
Coaster motor transfer to Centuri from Larry Rice  04-16-11
Estes Star Speeder #1366 Decal from John Ludwig  04-10-11
Estes Big Yank #0868  04-10-11  Updated
Estes Menace #2173 from John Ludwig  04-10-11
Estes Wolverine #0816 from John Ludwig  04-10-11
Estes Python #2129 from John Ludwig  04-10-11
Estes AstroCam #1327  04-10-11  Updated
Estes Alpha III #1256  04-10-11  Updated
Estes Laser Torpedo #1311 from John Ludwig  04-10-11
Estes Darth Vader's TIE Fighter #2144 from Phill Ash  04-09-11
Fat Cat Rockets SWARM from Jeff Gortatowsky  04-09-11
Estes Astron Nighthawk #K-34  03-30-11  Updated
Rogue Aerospace Space Needle Jr. #10020 Sean Lannan 03-30-11
Centuri Scorpion #KF-6A from Ron Bianchi  03-30-11
Centuri Jaguar #KF-4A  03-30-11  Updated
Coaster Corporation 1962 Catalog from Roger Smith  03-30-11
Estes Aerobee 300 #K-17  03-30-11  Updated
Added Scale Kits Plans  03-30-11
Scale Kits Apex
from Mal McClenaghan  03-30-11
Estes 1977 Retail Poster from Buzz Nau  03-30-11
FSI Orbit #MRK-VI from Jim Smith  03-30-11
Centuri Russian SAM-3 #5332 from Jim Forsythe  03-30-11
Estes EXOCET MM38 #1925 from Jim Forsythe  03-29-11
Model Rocketeer  October '73 from James Gartrell  03-29-11
EagleWorks Pulsar II from Buzz Nau  03-28-11
Estes 2D Calculator Protractors from Charlaine Nordin  03-27-11
Centuri Micro Probe #KB-22 from Carl McLawhorn  03-27-11
Estes Bandit #2060  03-27-11  Updated
Model Missiles, Inc. ARCON #002  03-27-11  Updated
Roto-Rocket Rotating Space Station #RR-2  03-27-11  Updated
Fat Cat Rockets 2000 Catalog from Dick Stafford  03-26-11
Added EagleWorks Plans  03-26-11
EagleWorks Big Blue Bird Zero
from Buzz Nau  03-26-11
EagleWorks F-52 Thark
from Buzz Nau  03-26-11
EagleWorks Omega Centauri Probe
from Buzz Nau  03-26-11
EagleWorks Tavia
from Buzz Nau  03-26-11
Canaroc Super Tornado Decal from Randal Hoscheit  03-26-11
Fat Cat Rockets P.T.S. Shaman from Arley Davis  03-25-11
Fat Cat Rockets O.G.M. Roanoke from Arley Davis  03-25-11
Fat Cat Rockets F2H4 Banshee from Arley Davis  03-25-11
Fat Cat Rockets Centaurus from Arley Davis  03-25-11
Estes TR-10 Technical Report from Terry Dean  03-24-11
Estes TR-11 Technical Report
from Terry Dean  03-24-11
Estes 2000 Catalog
from Fred Shecter  03-24-11
Estes 2001 Catalog
from Fred Shecter  03-24-11
Enerjet AERO-DART #KE-2
from Bob Sanford  03-24-11

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